M3M Golf Estate
Gurgaon, India

The project consists in the design of a new residential development on 75 acres of land in a prestigious sector of Gurgaon, adjacent to New Delhi, India. Once all phases are complete 1, 800 residential units will be constructed and will house an expected population of just under 10,000 persons. The residential unit mix consists of a variety of unit types ranging from 2 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms as well as one level units and two level individual units all focused on a family clientele.

This project is designed to introduce a new standard for high density urban living while avoiding the claustrophobic feeling of developments of similar scale. All units have been designed to accommodate natural cross ventilation, views in multiple directions as well as the primary view, from living dining spaces, towards landscaped courts and golf course areas as well sun screen on west facing elevations.

Several new planning features were also introduced into each unit such as entry halls and power rooms raising the standard for quality urban living to a new level. 

This residential development will be dotted with 6 distinct towers, most raised on stilts to make use of the space at grade, below the buildings, for recreational and social purposes. Its architectural expression acts as a unifying force that creates visual delight as well as introducing a distinct identity which differentiates this development from the standard expression of adjacent construction. The architectural expression is unique within the massive and somewhat monotonous rapid urbanisation presently ongoing through India.