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Rouge Hill GO Station, Toronto, Ontario

  • Rouge Hill GO Station
  • Rouge Hill GO Station
  • Rouge Hill GO Station
  • Rouge Hill GO Station

Situated between Rouge Valley Park and Highland Creek Watershed conservation areas, with a commanding view of Lake Ontario and
the waterfront trail, Rouge Hill GO Station’s unique location creates an opportunity for iconic architecture with a firm sense of place. The
improved connectivity of the site into its local context, both visually and functionally, will further integrate the Station into the neighborhood as a functional and pleasant part of the community.

A49’s design approach for a simple, functional, transparent, day-lit building is a direct response to the aesthetic qualities of the site. The massing both maximizes the view as the visitor approaches the building and allows for the sweeping vistas from within the building. The contemporary design of the proposed building incorporates the functional program of a public concourse, night waiting area, retail, ticket sales, as well as the ancillary public and back of house areas.

In addition to the station building, the expanded project scope includes re-figuration of the entire site, design of the new service building,
platform extensions, new pedestrian tunnel, stair and elevator enclosures as well as the upgrades of the existing pedestrian tunnel to new GO Transit standards. Program is being expanded to include the incorporation of a future track and pedestrian tunnel connection to the Waterfront Park.

The project is targeting LEED Gold. A holistic strategy, including the use natural building materials, improving and encouraging community
access, using sustainable landscaping methods, and the optimization of building performance will be employed. A49 provided complete architectural design as well as the site development, MDRP presentations and coordination of design team.