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Atlantic Canada


École Secondaire du Sommet, Bedford, Nova Scotia

  • École Secondaire du Sommet
  • École Secondaire du Sommet
  • École Secondaire du Sommet

Ecole Secondaire du Sommet is an exciting, unique, landmark school and community centre in Bedford South which serves 300+ students in grades 6-12 as well as the vibrant French-speaking community.

The school was developed around a simple cruciform shape which maximizes the ability to maintain safe, secure academic space while also offering the public/private zoning that is necessary for after-hours and public use of the school’s facilities. A two-storey circulation avenue featuring a clerestory links the multi-function and community spaces, floods the area with natural light, and enlivens key spaces in the building.

This project is targeting LEED® silver featuring rainwater reuse technology and a green roof. Designed as a joint use facility for the community, high goals were set for the use of recycled materials, regional materials and certified wood. Special attention was paid to creating a sustainable site such as conserving open space and avoiding sensitive areas.