Glebe Garage
Ottawa, Ontario

Glebe Parking Garage is a result of its context. It is a relatively large building in a predominantly century old residential neighbourhood in Ottawa. The ground plane addresses the transition between the commercial area along Bank Street and the traditional century old residential area. To soften this transition parkettes at each end of the through lot structure are placed adjacent to the residential uses moving from a hardscape to soft-scaped area. The parkettes use armour stone to define their area, act as seating and to screen the ground floor parking. A total of 149 parking spaces and 40 bicycle parking spaces are provided within the two parkettes. Recognizing this is a 24/7 building it was decided that the building should have a nighttime presence without being a beacon in the residential area. To achieve this, a perforated metal screen is fastened to a simple curtain wall framing system and the bright interior lighting, required for security, will glow through the openings on the upper floors. Numerous sustainable features have been included in the design of this parking garage. They include: